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Producing Custom Badges for You

Sometimes the standard "off the shelf" product range just isn't suitable to fit your needs.

This is where custom badges can accommodate those special requirements you may have to satisfy your specific shape, size, security application or just a unique layout or design that you have in mind.

Compugrave prides itself on offering one of the best custom services for engraved and printed badges and ID tags to businesses in Brisbane. We have the equipment to custom design and manufacture custom badges to fit your requirements, we do this by working with you to come up with the final product utilising the most suitable materials to fit your requirements.

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Security Custom Badges

Security badges represent a large portion of the printed card market and tend to be used where a bar code or photo representation is required. Our equipment is designed to produce high quality printed cards and badges for this exact purpose. These are used in facilities or businesses where secure access to areas or restricted access to equipment, records or products is required through bar code systems or visual identification.

Magnetic Name Badges

We offer a number of clasp options for client including the magnetic name badges. These have become more popular over resent years offering the wearer a secure attachment without the clip or pin damaging clothing especially when the badge is worn everyday. Because of this the magnetic name badge is suited to occupations that require everyday use for security, safety or business uniform reasons.

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