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Name Plaques For All Occasions

Name plaques can be applied to many corporate and personal applications from house names, corporate branding, business room identifiers, personal desk name plates, trophy engraving, display plaques and memorial plaques.

From the types of name plaques available on the market engraved plaques offer the widest choice of colours, materials and flexibility of design available.

Through the use of several types of engraving and laser specialist machinery and hand finishing techniques the completed name plaque can incorporate many forms of design.

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Depending on the environment you want to place your plaque will determine the materials available to you. The materials used in engraving name plaques can resist outdoor weather, commercial chemical environments, grease from kitchens through to your everyday dust and smudges.

The best way to determine the product you need to to give Compugrave a ring and discuss what fits best for your application.


There is no doubt the number of fonts available today is incredible. The choice of font has a great deal to do with the purpose, positioning and feel you want to deliver to the reader.

You may want warning signs which requires a clear and plain text, the sign may need to be seen from a distance which would require a large bold font or you may have a style incorporated in your brand or image you want to display.

We can help you find the best fit or you can supply your current artwork or ideas and we can help you develop it from there.

Name Plaques Design & Shape

Design is one of the more personal aspects of name plaques. The combination of colour, shape, additional design work like borders and scrolls can provide a very unique look and feel for the individual or business.

We assist to reduce the time in developing your name plaque showing example and narrowing the options depending on your requirements so your get the best outcome with little hassle.

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