Engraved Plaques for a Special Place

If you're looking for plaques that can fit any setting, no matter if it is for small business or corporate purposes, an engraved plaque will provide elegance, durability and style .

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on colours and designs to fit the desired application or to fit within the surroundings and deliver the right feeling or message.
This is a simple task when you consider an engraved plaque, since there are a variety of materials not only to suit the elements the plaque may be exposed to but also unlimited designs and sizes to fit your needs.

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Compugrave has the equipment and experience from years of creating small business and corporate plaques. We are here to make the selection simple for you,  providing a range of materials and techniques so you achieve the look and design you have in mind and make it come to life.

We can work with the individual business or with marketing and corporate image consultants / agencies to deliver a complete solution.

If you looking for plaques specific to house names or name plaques you can get more details by clicking on the links.

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